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How to find your next startup idea

How to find your next startup idea

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Clear and intuitive, this web platform will allow you to discover top ranking and trending websites at the moment.

Predicting a trend before all the competitors is indeed the best way for an entrepreneur to get the idea which will revolutionize a specific market.

Let’s go in the past 3 years ago, you are doing a search in the “Shopping” category for the “United States”. In the Trending section, you discover the Hand-spinner trend. The market is unknown and no website yet sells it in your country. What are you doing ? You launch a shop in your country selling Hand-spinner and you wait patiently for the market to take shape.

Now, imagine that several websites are talking about “drone” in the “technology” category. These websites have strongly increasing visitors. So you would know that a new trend was emerging and that the creation of an affiliate website in the drone market was probably the next profitable business in hype. You could have been one of the pioneers in the sector.

What would you have done if you had learned about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies before their prices skyrocketed?

The examples of successful trends and fashions are endless over time. It just lacked the tool to detect them.

In any case, that is the promise of IloveTrending.com platform: To discover the emerging nuggets that will dominate a market in a country.

Here are some examples of the use of the platform:

  • Look for a profitable business idea

Take the example of the “Shopping” category which by definition will group together websites offering e-commerce sites. So you are looking for an idea for an e-commerce website. The best way to launch an e-commerce site is to find the product that will make the difference. Concretely, on the platform you will select the “Trending” tab then the “shopping” section in the country that suits you best. If you select “United-States” or “Canada”, you will have access to website trends across the Atlantic, which can generally be one step ahead of Europe. Thanks to this tool, you will see e-commerce sites experiencing a strong increase in traffic during the last 3 months. Then it’s up to you to select the website idea that suits you best. But on the thousands of websites identified in this section, it is certain that you will find what you are looking for.
The “Traffic range” tab lets you refine your search and focus on low, medium or high traffic sites. What use can we find there? Simply, by selecting for example a “Monthly traffic” of less than 100,000 visitors, you will identify the sites and trends with more potential for progress.

  • Start a new business

You are launching a website in a given industry but you don’t know how to do it. The platform will firstly allow you to identify the dominant players in the given market. Then your role will be to analyze the competitor and adapt your launch strategy accordingly.

To do this, you will select the “Rank” tab, the category corresponding to your market and then the section corresponds to your country. This way you will see the websites dominating a market.

  • Grow your business

Seeing a competing website walk past us without seeing it coming can destabilize an entire business when you know the importance of adapting in a very competitive market.

Take the example of the “Price comparison” category which will group together websites offering product reviews. This sector is very competitive today. Just google “Best … in 2020” and you will see how many websites are already up to speed. However, this market is constantly evolving and this is a good thing because players must know how to adapt at all times. And that’s exactly what ILoveTrending.com does.

To do this, you will select the “Trending” tab, as well as the category corresponding to your market and then your country.

Indeed, identifying a competitor experiencing strong growth will then allow you to analyze which products it is positioned on. It may be time to adapt and do the same! You can say thank you to ILoveTrending as well as your competitor for showing you the way to success.

ILoveTrending allows with its filters to obtain with precision a good amount of raw data (estimate) on current and future trends on the internet in each country and in each category. Then it’s up to you to analyze this data and come up with a potential profitable business idea.

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